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Dr Drika returns! World Food Safety Day in Brazil


Dr Adriana Abud is a food safety expert who works forRede Savegnago Supermercados in Brazil. Last year, she introduced shoppers and supermarket workers to Dr Drika, her food safety “avatar.” And Dr Drika has returned this year, with new outfits for different supermarket departments.

This year, Dr Abud has developed a number of World Food Safety Day materials to promote a culture of hygiene and good practice among managers, suppliers, staff and customers of the supermarket chain she works for. She produced a digital publication, in which she underlined the link between food safety and “food security, health, human rights, economic prosperity, agriculture, market access, tourism and sustainable development” and she held a Facebook live event, which also featured Dr Drika in her different outfits. An internal company bulletin was also produced to promote food safety.

But the key part of Dr Abud’s campaign is Dr Drika’s tour of supermarkets. This year, she had55 of the dolls made and sent to the chain’s stores and distribution centre. The outfits mirrored those of management, and the staff in the grocery, deli, butchery and fruit and vegetable sections, as well as the uniform of warehouse staff. According to Dr Abud, her campaign this year reached more than 3 million consumers through the 10 000 employees engaged in the campaign.


See the publication here:

Watch the Facebook live: