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World Food Safety Day symposium in Ecuador for manufacturing and export


Ecuadorian food consulting firm, Estrategia, is organizing a World Food Safety Day symposium entitled “Food symposium for manufacturing and export (Simposio Alimentario para la Fabricación y Exportación (SAFE)”.

The full-day event on 7 June will include speakers presenting subjects such as

  • Microbial tests for food safety controls
  • HACCP in the food industry
  • Innovation, design and management of new food microbiology products
  • Safety in agricultural practices
  • Requirements for the export of food
  • Microplastics as emerging contaminants in food
  • Integrated pest management versus safety
  • Experimental design in the food area
  • Illnesses transmitted through food
  • Biotechnology in food innovation
  • Edible vegetable oils and fats for export
  • Importance of Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Laboratory analysis required for the food industry
  • Global GAP
  • Risk of developing biofilms in food processing equipment and how to control them.

The physical event is to take place at the Quito Exhibition Center, with 300 passes available for the general public.


Date & time: 7 June 08:00-19:10 (15:00 – 02:10 on 8 June, CET)


Centro de Exposiciones Quito, auditorio Los Caras, Quito - Ecuador


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