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Cuban authorities planning national World Food Safety Day celebrations


In Cuba, government authorities have planned a programme of activities aimed at raising awareness among decision-makers and the general public alike.

A media campaign has been devised, which includes a press release and a promotional video to be aired across the Cuban television network. On 6 June, the President of the National Codex Committee of Cuba will be joined by colleagues from the Ministries of Agriculture and Public Health in a press conference. The President of the National Codex Committee, Director General of the National Standardization Office and the Head of the Department of Food Hygiene and Nutrition of the National Directorate of Environmental Health of the Ministry of Public Health will also attend an interview to be conducted on the Revista de la Mañana (Morning Magazine) programme.

The observance of World Food Safety Day will also involve food workers and food safety experts. The National Office of Standardization has sent the World Food Safety Day guide and poster to people involved in the entire food chain in Cuba and a virtual workshop will be held for them and research institutes, universities, health and competent authorities, as well as other stakeholders. A letter of congratulation has been prepared for food safety experts across the country.

On 7 June itself, there will be a national event involving government ministers of the ministries involved in the food chain, research institutes, universities, health and competent authorities, other forms of management as well as other interested parties.