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March for food safety to take place in Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


A march has been organized for World Food Safety Day at the Universidad Deltaica Territorial "Francisco Tamayo" in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The march will follow a pre-determined course around local streets, during which food safety awareness posters will be distributed.

There will also be a ‘radio space’, provided by the Okey 104.9 FM station in the town of Tucupita, in order to generate awareness about issues related to food safety and invite the Delta Amacuro community to make efforts to prevent foodborne illness.

The march will include the presence of street actors, university teachers and guests of the following organizations and institutions:

  • the National Institute of Nutrition (INN) of the State
  • the Autonomous Health Comptroller Service (SACS) of the State
  • the National Training Institute and Socialist Education (INCES) and the
  • the Mission Sucre social programme


Date & time: 7 June 08:00 (14:00 CEST)

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