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World Food Safety Day/ Foodfakty in Poland - details released


The Polish initiative, Foodfakty, will celebrate World Food Safety Day, for the fourth year this year. The 2024 event will be held under the theme "be prepared for the unexpected.

The theme emphasizes the importance of being prepared for food safety-related events, regardless of their severity. Food incidents can occur due to mistakes, inadequate controls, fraud, or natural events. Being ready to handle them requires dedicated and coordinated efforts from policymakers, food safety authorities, farmers, and especially food business operators, all aimed at preventing illness and death.

This year’s Foodfakty event includes a four-day series of free webinars:

Day 1: Food Safety Culture and Safety Systems.

Day 2: Issues of exposure to hazardous food for vulnerable consumer groups, such as children, and updates in standards, technology, and regulations.

Days 3-4: Review of selected topics related to food risk factors, including current issues and upcoming legal regulations.

The events are open to all.

Date:   3–6 June, 2024
Registration:   FoodFakty Safety Week Registration

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