Global Action Plan 

The Global Action plan has been elaborated and agreed upon by the IYFV International Steering Committee (ISC). The activities included in this plan have been developed along the four main lines of action for the year: 1. Advocacy and Awareness Raising; 2. Knowledge Creation and Dissemination; 3. Policy Making; and 4. Capacity Development and Education.

Fruit and Vegetables: Opportunities and challenges for small-scale sustainable farming.

This publication takes readers on a journey introducing them to a diverse array of fruit and vegetables through colourfully illustrated studies from around the world. It justifies the importance of these crops and it encourages readers to take an active role both in promoting fruit and vegetable production and in encouraging more people to eat them.

The International Year of Fruits and Vegetables (IYFV-2021) Background Paper

This background paper outlines the benefits of fruit and vegetable consumption, but also examines the various aspects of the fruit and vegetable sector from a food systems approach: from sustainable production and trade to loss and waste management.  This paper provides an overview of the sector and a framework and a starting point for discussion for the Year, highlighting the interlinkages of stakeholders and key issues to be considered for action during the IYFV.

Do Good: Save food!

This toolkit consists of a series of educational materials designed to educate young people to value food and reduce its loss. The goal is to raise awareness among school children, educators, and their families and networks on food loss and waste issues and introduce good practices conducive to food waste reduction. This education package consists of different modules that can be used by teachers in class and to plan lessons and activities.

Children’s Activity Book series

The Activity Book series for young people touches on key topics, such as celebrating food heroes, nutrition, reducing food loss and waste, climate change, and plant health. They serve as an educational tool for teachers, parents, students or anyone who wishes to learn more about important global issues and how to take action and create a more sustainable world. Read them today!

FAO/WHO International Workshop on Fruits and Vegetables 2020 in Preparation for the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables 2021

FAO-WHO workshop reports

The Effectiveness of Policies and Programmes Promoting Fruits and Vegetables

FAO-WHO workshop reports

Effects of Fruits and Vegetables Intakes on Direct and Indirect Health Outcomes

FAO-WHO workshop reports

Promoting Sustainable and Inclusive Value Chains for Fruits and Vegetables – Policy Review -

FAO-WHO workshop reports

G20 Green Garden web App

FAO and other partners present the G20 Green Garden, an Educational itinerary that calls for global solidarity in building a sustainable future for all. Visitors to Rome’s Caffarella Park will learn about actions they can take to achieve the SDGs in the first-ever Global Goals action park of its kind. To add to this open-air educational experience, trees are being planted in various spaces to restore the Caffarella Park’s rich biodiversity, a symbol of the G20 countries’ commitment to ‘People, Planet and Prosperity’ on the occasion of Italy’s presidency. The Educational Itinerary at the G20 Green Garden awaits you! Visit in-person or have a virtual experience with our web App.

Booklets on African indigenous fruit tree species

Two booklets on African indigenous fruit tree species, jointly developed by the World Agroforestry (ICRAF) and the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources of FAO are now available. Read them today!