Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

Dear Sir./Madam

The cases of Covid -19 crisis in  Somalia have been  died down after it rained three weeks slightly so many thanks to Allah who  created us, gives us heath, food,  water & happiness.

But the standing constraints are as follows:

1- Relapsing AWD cases  or  cholera

2- Seen  or existing  some cases of  Measles

3-Lack of agriculture investment policy for  the small scale farmers

4-lack of livestock restocking investment for Agro- pastoral &

pastoral communities in Somalia

5 lack of youth  & women skills - empowerment &  employment

6-lack of disability rights consideration

7-Continuing of  Minority clans' discrimination, marginalization &

stigmatization  of their color, kind , culture & customs


Best Regards


Yusuf Abdi Lare