Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

I would like to submit some comments from our side, as compiled by contributions made from colleagues, on the initial scope and building blocks for the planned HLPE Report.

In general we need to stress that:

  • This initiative is very much welcomed - and strongly aligned with the European Commission's prioritization of this agenda (along with a rights based approach) as evidenced by the publication last year of 3 volumes of Guidance on Addressing Inequality in Partner Countries as a follow up to the Staff Working Document and Council Conclusion on the same. These documents provide the basis for much of the response articulated in the attached.
  • There is some missing clarity about the real scope of the report: While the current title is reducing inequalities for food security and nutrition, it is explicitly stated that the intended focus is in fact on ‘inequalities within agri-food systems’. Hence, the report should either be on ‘Reducing inequalities for food security and nutrition’ or on ‘Reducing inequalities within agri-food systems to contribute to food security and nutrition’. If the latter, then it must be explicitly acknowledged that while contributing to food security and nutrition outcomes, the transformation of food systems alone cannot bring about the end of food insecurity and malnutrition. If the focus is on addressing inequalities for food security and nutrition, then equality needs to be more comprehensively analysed with policy domains such as labour, housing and education recognised as key for FSN outcomes.
  • There are some concerns that the intersection of gender inequalities may not adequately integrated into the current thinking.
  • We need to better address the climate change - inequalities nexus.

We feel that these are quite pertinent comments and will contribute to the the scope and building blocks of the report.

Kind regards