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feedback to the consultation:

In the Pampas region of Argentina, there are experiences of horticultural crops in urban and peri-urban areas already beginning in 2000. The crisis of 2002, makes the need for food and income generation, horticulture is a possibility articulated statewide to fairs of sales of fresh products. Then the experience continues, after the different conflicts with marketing channels, and with those who continue in the activity. Since there were those who return to the usual informal jobs as employees. Others are still in the activity, although by 2008 they see it as an activity of women in the neighborhoods, or of people from another culture, of the generally older country culture. The options of preparing vegetables and even cooking presents difficulties, because sometimes getting firewood, coal and in the best of cases bottled gas was a problem. As much as the subject was accompanied with nutritionists and schools.

Another period can be placed approximately after 2010 where conflicts begin to be generated by productions that use agrochemicals and standards are generated that delimit the possibilities of application and therefore production alternatives in the lots adjacent to the populations. The experiences are varied. It is noticeable in these movements a claim of healthiness, of healthy food for which the norms that limit the use of agrochemicals are generated. The analysis of these productions, their commercialization and the analysis regarding the contribution to nutrition and the population involved is varied and case studies are found because they cannot be generalized. Different is the experience of Rosario, Iraola Park in Buenos Aires or Mar del Palta. Localities that present different populations.

As well as the periods mentioned, they are based on these populations for different reasons and with questions about who should produce these foods, a multiplicity of similar questions and different experiences in the territories.

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