Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

Dear FSN Community,

As we are currently working on shaping SOFA 2024, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for the valuable contributions we have received so far, both through the submission template and the Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based interviewer application. We are closely following the submissions and expect to see an increased pace of promising submissions, such as the ones coming from TMG-Think Tank for Sustainability and the Food Insecurity Observatory. Your valuable inputs are truly appreciated!

We currently have case studies covering more than 20 countries (including those we have commissioned) and are aiming to increase our coverage in general and specifically of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Region. If you have not yet submitted your contribution or if you know of colleagues in the LAC region who could provide valuable insights, we invite you to share this call for submissions with them.


I would like to kindly remind that the extended submission deadline is January 29th.

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your submissions!