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Here is a proposed solution to three major global crises: climate change, the food crisis, and social disintegration.

Could the High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition quickly study the feasibility of this proposal?


There is a simple and intelligent way to achieve most of the Sustainable Development Goals quickly: to involve all components of human civilization, from the most humble citizen to the highest international institution, in changing the global food system.

By which magic trick?

Through a new governance tool: a world currency that would be issued by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) at the request of the UN General Assembly.

All it takes is for the IMF to create a division called the Organic Monetary Fund (OMF) which will issue a complementary currency, the crocus, whose money supply is indexed to the rich and diversified living biomass cultivated under a “Micro-farm Cluster” (MFC) label.

An MFC is a group of small, multi-purpose agricultural units that apply the principles of regenerative agriculture: agroecology, agroforestry and permaculture principles i.e. banning chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, GMOs or intensive livestock farming. It allows farmers to share their knowledge, equipment and services.

Any IMF member country can participate in the OMF system provided that it promotes the establishment of agricultural cooperatives bearing the MFC label.

The higher the growth of living biomass in a country's MFCs, the more the government of that country receives crocuses from the OMF.

The crocuses are then assigned to each MFC, which distributes them among the natural persons who work there.

Crocuses can only be converted in exchange for the local complementary currency (CC) attached to the locality where the MFC is located.

The Crocus Currency would not compete with the current financial system because it is designed as simply complementary to it.

The crocus allows Nature to buy money instead of being bought by money.

In other words, ecological vitality, not the commodification of nature, is what generates money here.

This tool is therefore a means of giving nature added value without destroying it.

Rich living biomass is good for water and spontaneously inflationary. It makes the land indefinitely fertile instead of depleting it, which means growth and abundance for communities all over the world.

Above all, it will slow global warming more and more because through the power of photosynthesis, the OMF-crocus scheme is true natural geoengineering on a very large scale.


The OMF-Crocus Scheme was Finalist in the MIT Climate CoLab and UN Environment Contest ''Exploring Synergistic Solutions for Sustainable Development'' in 2018:


The crocus: Global Complementary Currency Pegged to the Production of Organic Living Biomass


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PDF (23 pages): Crocus for Talanoa Dialogue


Is it not urgent to study this solution?

It is still utopia, but we are forced into utopia.


Please note that this has absolutely nothing to do with cryptocurrencies or blockchain.