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Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

·         In Georgia,   bee products like honey, wax, propolis, pollen, royal jelly, bee venom are characterized by high taste and calorie value.  They are used as a daily nutrition as well as   a treatment for  various diseases. The main product of the bee - honey is harvested in the mountainous regions of the country and stands out by being ecological product, most of it sold on the local market.

·         Main interrupting factor for the honey sales is the absence of the laboratory where full chemical analysis of honey will take place and at the same time tested whether it contains toxic chemicals, pesticides and herbicides, therefore relevant certificates will be issued. Governmental agencies are involved in solving the following problems.  After certification honey will be exported to Europe which will help entrepreneurs increase their sales.

·         In Georgia honey may be delivered throughout the active beekeeping season across the country.

·         In the country "Agricultural Cooperatives Development Agency", cooperates under the Ministry of agriculture of Georgia, and aims to promote supporting program of agricultural cooperatives in Georgia.  The program will promote honey and bee product production and contribute in reduction of poverty in the country.

·         The country has great opportunities in bee product production.  Although there are still many problems in the sector, like various bee diseases and pests, affecting bee colonies.  It is important to  investigate bee diseases  and pests which will lead to  increase the production of bee products and make beekeeping sector commercially viable.

·         Nowadays the number of farmers interested in honey and production of bee products, increases in the country but unfortunately the majority does not have the technical know-how and technology.