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Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

Dear James,

Thank you for sharing the consolidated proceeding on the last discussion, it is quite interesting. I am writing you from Ethiopia and I would like to contribute on the last question of the discussion.

Ethiopia has diverse agro-climatic conditions suitable for apiculture. But there is quite a huge challenge for bee colony in Ethiopia these days particularly in highlands where there is high crop production. Farmers in these areas highly depend on chemicals for plant protection including herbicide and insecticides. Although there is limited comprehensive information on the volume and magnitude of the loss; this is one of the reasons for increased mortality of bee colonies in certain areas of the country. Moreover, land degradation causing challenges to availability of bee forage is another bottleneck to the sector. Therefore, taking into account these challenges I would recommend the following elements for agriculture and apiculture to coexist sustainably:

1.     Promoting sustainable agricultural practices with limited dependence on chemicals has of utmost importance in ensuring coexistence between these two sectors. Policy makers and institutions working on agriculture and apiculture need to closely work together while jointly plan, implementing and learning from one another in making both sectors to coexist together.

2.     Promoting participatory watershed management approach. This will have multiple effects as it restore degraded lands and avail bee forage among others environmental services and economic benefits.

Best regards,

Lemma Belay

National Programme Officer