Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

Manuel Moya

International Pediatric Association. TAG on Nutrition

Dear FSN Forum,

I thank you for the extended deadline. Really it is very appropriate to approach obesity prevention in LMIC, because it is a fast growing problem particularly in growing urban areas and  before overweight grows up to the HIC rates something must be done. Once obesity has been established in children (and adults) treatment is disappointing in spite of using all the facilities given by specialized units that even include bariatric surgery. In the annexed document some new actions addressed to interrupt the  obesity circle of maternal , offspring, mature girls are approached.

Please find in it our program for prevention of pediatric overweight and obesity in low- and middle-income countries.

This is an easy to run and low cost program and that can indicate the basic food changes according to the country (and child population) possibilities.

With my kindest regards


Manuel Moya

Catedrático E/ E Professor & Head

Editor in Chief of the Newsletter. International Pediatric Asociation (IPA)

Chair of the IPA Technical Advisory Group on Nutrition

Board of Directors of IPA Foundation

Academician of the Real Academia de Medicina

Pediatric Dept. University Miguel Hernández

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