Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

Hi everyone!


I really wanted to thank you all for the excellent contributions that we have received. People from more than 36 countries, 5 continents, and from very different areas of work have provided input to the discussion:  from governments, the private sector, universities, independent consultants, NGOs, etc. The result is a great set of proven policies, practices and ideas to fight obesity and overweight, which generally speaking includes: changing the way to measure obesity and overweight, understanding the causes of obesity, changing eating habits, increasing nutritional education at all levels, increasing information and its reachability, increasing the sale and supply of fresh products, increasing physical activity and break sedentary life styles, improving school programs against child obesity with the participation of parents and teachers, imposing taxes on processed food, promoting conservation agricultural practices, and controlling the content of processed food. In addition, many contributors highlighted the importance of coordinating actions among stakeholders like the government, consumers, producers, and the industry. So in order to reduce obesity one should work together and the issue should be approached from different angles.

I want to remind you that the input from the Forum will help us to have a better output regarding the "Study of international evidence of obesity reduction: lessons learned from case studies". As soon as we have completed the study, we will share it with everyone.

Finally, after reading all the comments and practices from all around the world, I believe that the reduction of obesity is possible, even if it is a hard-to-reach and long-term goal.

Thank you again for all the contributions and efforts.


Rodrigo Vásquez Panizza