Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

Themba Phiri


The role of pulses cannot be underestimated across the globe, with climate change effects threatening the world food security it is time for development workers/experts and farmers to work together hand in a glove and come up with the best drought resistant cultivars of pigeon peas, cow peas, dolichos lab lab, as these take a very short period to mature.

A case in point was witnessed in Mozambique, where an International organization Joint Aid Management in 2010-2014 introduced cow pea leaves and beans in children's diet in schools and the innovation was adopted by farmers in the vicinity of the schools. I was one of the pioneers by that time who witnessed school children growing cow peas and consuming them with other grains.

The benefit was immense both in protein and calorific intake. In a nutshell that's my comment.


Themba Phiri

Livelihoods Advisor