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Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

Why not Nutrition Value Chains when Their Value Stems from Nutrition?

As I have argued in my two submissions, what links food production and end-user and food production itself, derive their value from the inherent value of food as the third absolutely essential thing for life after air and water.

Unless we needed food, it would be meaningless to talk about food storage, transport, processing and selling services as things having any need, hence any value.

So, as we seem to have to take into account business interests, it is reasonable that those services mentioned above receive a reward commensurable with the value they contribute to timely distribution of affordable and wholesome valuable food to end-users. I believe such a value chain would not only be fair, but it would be supported by our current scientific knowledge.

Therefore, I very much hope that the committee would seriously consider re-naming 'VC's' as Nutrition Value chains, and leave their commercial use unspecified as we all know how wide spread it is. After all, we all work to extend and enhance both the quality and quantity of global nutrition.

Best wishes!

Lal Manavado.