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Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

Dear Tomasz

Thank you for your comments, and in particular bringing the discussion back to the precise high level commitments we are meant to monitor, which I take as the Global Forest Goals and Targets, the SDG forest-related indicators, the Aichi targets, UNCCD and UNFCCC.  I am working on a systematic cross reference between these goals and the Global Core Set, for the Expert Consultation which might help decisions.  You also identify two of the most challenging topics livelihoods/extreme poverty and food security, both of which still pose major challenges.  I hope the CPF will be able to address these challenges in the near future as an interagency approach is necessary for this type of issue.  We (the forest “community”) will indeed not look good if we are unable to back up our claims that forests are important for food security and livelihoods with hard facts.  This implies not only agreeing on concepts and methods, but carrying out surveys in a significant number of counties before, say, 2019.


Kit Prins