Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

Thank you so much Mr facilitator for such a educative platform where we disussed issues that affect our nations.

Aminata from Sierra Leone the CEO of Agro Fish farm, i will like to give my own contribution in relation to what is the role for modern technologies, including Information and Communication Technologies, in sustaining capacity development initiatives? For us to achieve sustainable Development Goal two which say Zero Hunger, we need to explore modern technologies so that we will be able to either process, label and distribute our goods. Information and communication technologies are very vital especially in the world we are living now. With ICT we are able to do some many things at the blink of your eyes without any difficulties. For example the present discussion we are doing on this platform it so significant because we are able to deliberate and analyses issues that is affecting everybody across the globe. In this forum we have learned a lot from each other's views and opinions on issues that are discussed here from different country perspective and this is possible because of information and communication technology. In Sierra Leone, in this sector we are making head way although it is not that too effective especially in the rural areas but the awareness is there and almost all the youth are aware of the importance of information and communication technology. The stakeholders need to play very key role for us as country to actualize this particular development, they need to provide sustainable electricity because technologies don’t go without power. Where there is no power it is difficult for ICT to strive effectively and it limits you from so many opportunities that are out there.

Thanks for reading this.