Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

Annamrit farmers as owners foundation has been launched in January 2015 to build a strong partnership between producers (farmers) the growers of Annam (food), entrepreneurs (collectors, packer, distributor and value addition force to food), development cooperation organisers (coordinators and co-operators in food value chain) and investors (financers for storage, packing, quality control and handling of foods). The main role of the foundation is to attract the social investment sources of finance to build the food value chain with focused approach of producing, storing, collecting and distributing the pure and healthy food which should be as beneficial as Amrit (nectar).

The main actors

Collaborations between corporate sector agencies and non-profit sector actors opens up opportunities to finance the cold chain for fresh produces and other Agri value chains as partnership business models. The actors involved are mutually supportive and complementary in terms of expertise, experience, networks and access to external resources. These actors, collectively referred to in this chapter as the ‘Social Business Management Consortium’, should obviously have a shared vision on social/economic objectives as prime driver to participate in this approach. The partners that collaborate in the Apple Project can be categorised in four groups:

  • Producers: Particularly the farmer groups’ organised in Farmer Trusts or any other legal form.
  • Inclusive development actors: Particularly knowledge/training institutions, government and (international) development agencies and development cooperation sector.
  • Business partners: Experienced and social conscious entrepreneurs to manage and operate the business activities in competitive market.
  • Financial supporters: Social investors / banks and Govt. agencies. They invest in ventures with a focus on economic profits as well as social impact.

The inter-dependant structure of the model aligns all these entities and the stakeholders to work towards a single mutually beneficial goal.