Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

Dear colleagues

kindly find attached our answers for your questions. We grab this opportunity to introduce our Association (ARAB Fertilizer Association) as representative of the Arab fertilizer producers.

AFA comprises Arab industrial companies working in the fields of fertilizers manufacturing and trading, in addition to other related fields. It further includes 180 Arab and foreign company members from twenty-nine countries from all over the world.

The Arab Region products counted for around 68 % of TSP World production, 37% of DAP production & about 70% of phosphate rock world trade, 50 % of TSP world trade, 41 % of Urea World Trade, together with 25% and 30, 4% of Ammonia, Sulphur and potash markets respectively.

As (AFA), we are supporting with the International Fertilizer Association (IFA)’ comments as we are totally agree with the development of such an important matter, but in the same time we recommend that on such as important document should have more time to discusses to improve its quality benefit and relevance for the fertilizer industry and its stakeholders.

In summary, I think we still need more time to revise several of the terms and definitions, and we recommend to postponed the adoption and give more time to all our stakeholders to read, understand it and make any suggestions for improvement as the time mentioned is not enough to discuss such an important subject related the important role of fertilizer & by our tern we will discuss this document during our next Int’l Economic & Agricultural forum beside the next Int.l technical conference in 2019 and we will organize a special Agri-experts workshop to discuss how we can improve this document & it worth to mention that we already work on such as this improving by conduction several workshops on fertilizer efficiency use and translate the IPNI‘s issue (4R Nutrient Stewardship ) to Arabic to reach our end customers ( the farmers in Arab Region) & issued the first handbook on 4R fertigation.