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Eggs production has to be understanding with its ecological impact on ecosystem.

Three main product are produced, meat, manures (including feather), bones and eggshell. Production of eggs could also include protection against insect and little snakes.

On the other side quality of Eggs production is also a matter of grass, grain and water and veterinary constraint.

And finally to sell eggs you need to have good roads.

Eggs are easy to conserve for one month.

So egg production must be sustainable. This include selection and conservation of the best adapted variety of poultry, Adapting production to seasonal variation; and reusing all the by-products (bones, shell, feather, manures) with the best techniques (biochar etc..) and disposal of centre to manage eggs transportation and selling.

Producing poultry is a matter of nursery and predators, producing eggs is a matter of henhouse and pest.

So if we stand on those different facts; egg production could be use under three way.

Economic if you can sell them easily

Nutritional if they are for self-consumption during the "period de soudure" in the sahelian zone for example

Agronomic if you consider all the by-products you can use for crops production including crop protection against insects.

Reasoning on egg production could be established on the needs of a family. Then you could extend your production depending on grain and grass availability with a top production corresponding to one or two month after harvesting and a progressive reduction of poultry production till conserving just the youngest and best animals for the family and beginning nursery just two month before the beginning of top production.

This is to my view the best ways to use eggs in the benefits of the farmer.