Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

My research project is the characterization of the food degree of processing in relation with health potential. In this perspective I am notably working on ultra-processed foods. A food is defined as ultra-processed if it contains at least one ultra-processed ingredient (excessive fractionation of its original matrix/cracking) or a cosmetic additive (coloring, texturizer, taste enhancer, sweetener, ...) or additive considered at risk for health or if it has underwent a very industrial drastic process (e.g., extrusion-cooking, puffing...). Such foods, when massively consumed worldwide, are associated with degradation of food systems as a whole and are not sustainable. They are notably associated with increased risks of chronic diseases, animal suffering, environment degradation (pollution, deforestation, climatic changes...), degradation of social life (food often eaten by isolated individuals), culinary traditions (hyperstandardized foods replacing local ones) and small farmers or peasants (because they are cheaper than local foods). Therefore, we defined the three golden rule for preservations of all these dimensions of sustainability : Végétal, Vrai, Varié (if possible organic, local and seasonal). In English : Plant, Real (food), Varied. These rules are holistic allowing meeting all human nutrient needs and preserving human health, animal well-being and environment. In addition they are scientific because all protective diets worldwide are rich in plant-based, minimally-processed and varied foods. In detail these rules recommand not to exceed daily 15% calories from animal products and ultra-processed foods. For details see : Fardet, A. and E. Rock, Reductionist nutrition research has meaning only within the framework of holistic thinking. Advances in Nutrition, 2018. 9(6): p. 655–670. Therefore we think we have a powerpuf lever to activate locally and for a global change.