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Some Additional Remarks on the V0 Draft, Towards an Understanding of Food Systems

I have read some of the contributions to the current discussion with much interest. There are many sound suggestions on what the contributers believe to be the optimal ways of making our current food production sub-systems perform better. As I have described in my first contribution, this sub-system of a food system includes agriculture as defined by the FAO including animal husbandry, fish farming, etc.

I recall at least one contribution pointing out the importance of limiting food wastage, but surely this is the result of an operational ineptness rather than an attribute of a food system itself. Of course, it could also arise from the use of inappropriate or inefficient methods in any sub-system in a food system starting from a cultivated field, poultry farm, a fishing boat to how food is used at home. Would it not be a good idea to think about the best use of the system after we have agreed on its whole structure in a separate discussion?

At the risk of being misconstrued, may I kindly point out that unless we all can agree about the structure of what may justifiably constitute a food system, it would be exceedingly difficult for any of us to make a unified effort to eliminate hunger from the globe, and ensure a sustainable, wholesome and varied balanced diet to all.

Best wishes!

Lal Manavado.