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Marlies Willemsen-Regelink

Steunpunt Smaaklessen & EU-Schoolfruit

I like to let you know that we work on two programmes in the Netherlands:

  • EU-Schoolfruit and veggieprogramme
  • Tastelessons

From both programmes there is no research done in relation to obesity.

Research is done on Tastelessons (Smaaklessen) in the past year.

Some effects on  nutritional behaviour are found.

The EU-Schoolfruit and veggieprogramme in the Netherlands is not evaluated in relation to nutritional behaviour and obesity but I believe that the impact on nutrition behaviour is significant. More and more schools have rules about fruit and vegetables in the school. I see a change during the last 10 years.

Children and parents love the programme. I hope we can do research in the future.

It would also be worth full to compare EU-Schoolfruit initiatives.

Kind regards,

Marlies Willemsen-Regelink

Projectleider Smaaklessen en EU-Schoolfruit en -groente