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Prof. Ke Jin

Organización: Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
País: China
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soil quality improvement

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    • Prof. Ke Jin

      Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

      Is an International Code of Conduct for the Use and Management of Fertilizers beneficial and useful? To whom, and why?

      Yes, absolutely it is useful. Because it place an obligation to all the for all the stakeholders on the fertilizer use chain. It also provides a reference for the government to stipulate national code to improve and standard the fertilizer market and develop and refine evidence-based fertilizer recommendations.

      Does this Fertilizer Code of Conduct address all aspects necessary to ensure the responsible use of fertilizers, optimizing benefits while minimizing risks?


      Are there any topics or subject matter missing from this Fertilizer Code of Conduct? If so, what are they?


      Are there redundancies or unnecessary items or subjects within this Code of Conduct? If so, what are they?

      Yes. I think that some articles in the code just goes too detail oriented, such as define programs for regulating fertilizers by government.

      Do you have any other suggestions or comments not covered in the above questions? If so, please elaborate.

      What I concern is that the code might impress the public that fertilizer is such a hazard chemical product as pesticide/pestcide. It might exaggerate the negative impact of fertilizer application on environment. We must bear in mind that chemical fertilizer might have a negative impact on environment in case fertilizer is improper or inappropriate used, but it could be avoided if it is applied reasonably. Similarly, fertilizer might have some negative effect on the human health if it is disposal incorrectly, but it is not fatal.

      My another concern is who will be responsible for the implement and assess the outcome of code? I suggest that a secretariat specified on the code implementation could be set up under the frame of FAO.