Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

My views on 3.2 & 3.6

  1. The time and energy devoted by women in the food security process is not yet rightly evaluated internationally as the day of women begins in the kitchen and ends in kitchen and the rest also devoted in the agricultural field, but all efforts are neglected due to their silent voice. So I appeal to the international community to evaluate their efforts.
  2. More focus should be on 3E (Education, Ecology and Economics) as a lack of proper education and less access to ecology will lead to a degraded economy. So for zero hunger 3E should be given priority.
  3. The youth (men, women & PLD (people living with disabilities) needs to be updated with advanced technologies so as to improve the agricultural production through Climate Smart Agriculture, as climate change now becomes a big threat to farming and related a tivities. So I appeal before international communities to focus on PFT (Patent Free Technology) across the globe in agriculture and climate change sector so that poor youth engaged in farming and food security process will get proper knowledge to combat climate change.
  4. If we really want to empower women involved in the agriculture sector, then in my opinion the products of agricultural farms run by women, should be labeled with the name and place of that women before marketing globally.