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Hi Guys !!

I think I am late and the latest, probably. Please find the attached, a pdf document, which has been entirely prepared by myself, a conceptual framework regarding the programmes, could be implemented by FAO under "Food Security, Gender Equality & Peace-Building".

The conceptual phenomena in my document, could only be compatible for conflict or post-conflict scenarios. However with few modifications, which could aslo be used in general.

From my own perspective, the reason for most of conflicts across the globe, is social-conservatism and its' consequences such as social-inequality, gender-inequality, ethnic-racial conflicts, religious conservatism...etc. Furthermore, conflicts often happen in poor countries.

Social conservatism could be reduced by be education, gender-equality, social security along with increased income of every household.

If you would need further explanation on my document, please let me know and do not hesitate to provide a critique on my document.