Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

Lisa Kitinoja

The Postharvest Education Foundation
United States of America

Some of the new projects we are currently launching in Africa and India (postharvest training ands services centers) include a postharvest shop and offer tools, supplies, packaging materials and various types of simple, low cost equipment that farmers and traders can use to reduce food losses between harvest and the consumer.  Some of the more expensive technologies and tools such as a refractometer (used to measure sugar content to determine ripeness and the best time to harvest certain fruits) can be leased for a day or a week.  Higher priced equipment such as walk-in cool rooms for temporary food storage or machines for various types of food processing can be paid for over time on a rent-to-own basis.   This allows individuals or groups of users to use the technologies on a trial basis, gain the benefits of reduced losses and improved quality, while spreading out the payments over a season or even over a year. 

Dr. Lisa Kitinoja
The Postharvest Education Foundation