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Dear Moderator

I am sorry for being late in responding. The persistent problem of undernutrition and growing problem of obesity etc in India is a matter of great concern. The latter has also its roots in foetal undernourishment.

Since nutrition security goes beyond food security and demands safe environment, drinking water and women's empowerment, there has to be synergy between departments/ministries of agriculture, rural development, women and child development, human resource development etc. As mentioned by Dr. KV Peter in his communication from India ( name not mentioned in the list), India has initiated programmes of pharmaceutical supplementation ( iron folic acid, vitamin A) and supplementary feeding to preschool and school children, Impact has been there but not satisfactory. Fortification of salt with iodine is a success story, and this approach has to be enlarged to include double fortified salt with iron and iodine, and other foods like wheat and rice ( minerals and B- vitamins) and milk ( vitamins A and D). This is being considered

The current mantra on the food front is dietary diversification by  Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition Security ( LANS). We are working on nutritionally promotive and environmentally sustainable agriculture, in villages of Medak district of the South Indian State of Telangana with encouraging results ( published) despite the reluctance of  small and marginal farmers to diversify from traditional crops like  paddy and sugar cane to horticulture, legumes and millets. 

Dr.Ms Mahtab S. Bamji,
INSA Emeritus  Scientist, Dangoria Charitable Trust,Hyderabad
(Director Grade Scientist, Retd.National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, India)

Rural Centre: Dangoria Charitable Trust Hospital, Village Narsapur, Medak District,
Andhra Pradesh,502313