Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

Taking reference to Nepal and many other Asian countries, women should be trained (if they have not received yet) so that they can be independent in farming business or make easy access to have resources that can be helpful in better soil management and higher crop production. For example, vermicompost or jholmal (bio-fertilizer, for details: Educating women is also that you are improving the quality of food/diet products from the field and family members will be healthier.  

To attract more youth, curriculum reform is crucial in many Asian countries. One of the ideas that I was delivering at Youth In Landscape 2015 is “Soil Science Academy in Nepal”-- a networking and capacity building process on attracting the youth to the agriculture landscape by following sustainable soil management practices, for details:

In summary, youth and women should consider the core shareholders of Sustainable Soil Management and Gender Equality.