Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

1-improving food security, so no of kids to go for work

2-improving yield per unit area, if yield increases food security improve, so no need of kids to go for work

3-development of high yielding and stress resistant varieties, will increase yield and improve food security, so kids will go to schools not work

4-more employment apportunities in agriculture sector for elders so they send kids to schools

5-policies in poor countries are poor too, they dont care about kids school

6-the richers are interested in their own kids, they don't like that the kids of poor tanents/farmers go to school

7-because poor farmers don't have their own land for cultivation, they cultivate for lords, and self living hand to mouth, and all familiy including kids may work in the field

8-education in poor countriers are very costly for poors, they are not able to buy the costly books, pencils, sharpners, erasors etc. needed every day. But from where the poor will bought it.

10-the school fees in these days are even diffult for 20 grade officers including me, how poor will pay.

11-different schools for differnt peoples so different teachers in different systems schools, even teachers discourage kids to come to school

12-unfortuantely, the international organizations like FAO and IFPRI etc. dealing with food security and agriculture policies are located in advanced countries. They do not very well about the education, food security and kids problems in poor countries.

13-They have small international offices in poor countries but the officers enjoy everything. These high grades dont know the real problems indeed, because thre is no merit in most of the poor countries.

Being agronomist, my suggestion is to improve yield first in poor countries. Advance countries yield 10 t/ha and poor coutries yield 2 t/ha. This decrease in yield is the major cause of food security, and food security problem is responsible for child work in field and other places, thanks.