Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

To end child labor in agriculture, the Ministry in charge of agriculture and the Ministry of education and Local government should work together to track those children with schooling age who are not in school but wherever in other activities especially in agriculture and make sure they are made back to school.

Every farmer should be mobilized to not engage children in agricultural activities and punishment for those who engage them in the activities to be set.

Policies should set the age for children to be allowed to do agricultural activities.

Children and parents also have to be trained about the advantage of going to school and leave agricultural activities at certain ages and/or not rely on the activities to survive when they are still young..

To train farmers on socio-economic advantages of not using children in agricultural activities

Every country to make sure the local government is responsible for children occupation from the grassroots level

UMUHOZA Ernestine
Eng. Soil and Water management
Land husbandry Specialist SPIU RSSP3/RCSP WB/RAB/MINAGRI