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Dr. Francisca Silva

Organization: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Country: Chile
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Francisca holds a BSc in Agricultural Engineering, a MSc in Agricultural Economics and a PhD in Engineering Sciences at the PUC. With a solid background in agricultural economics and policies, she has worked as a consultant and researcher for international organizations such as FAO and ECLAC, and public and private institutions in Chile, like Fundación Chile, ODEPA, FIA and INDAP, in public policy, healthy food and obesity reduction topics. She is also the current Director of the Agricultural Economics Department at the PUC and has been a lecturer in this university for 20 years, delivering undergraduate and graduate courses in Agricultural Policy or Applied Economics, among others.

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    • Dear contributors,
      Thank you to everyone who has shared ideas and provided case studies so far!
      Very insightful cases of policies and programs addressing obesity and overweight have been presented. Some of them might serve as a model for similar practices, while the analysis of the failed ones will be very useful to avoid making the same mistakes. 
      In addition, many of you have pointed out the need of a comprehensive understanding of the driving factors behind overeating, and the need to contextualize them taking into account ethnicity, occupation, region and social considerations. It is also important to consider the industry reactions and the ways people change their consumption patterns.
      Another very interesting contribution was the one that linked trade and obesity, stating that the lack of legally binding health and dietary standards impairs the implementation of national measures.
      Please keep these cases coming! I am interested to hear about unhealthy food taxes, labelling and restrictions to unhealthy food advertising. Also I would be very interested to know if there are any particular examples of how the industry can be encouraged to provide healthy foods. 
      Thank you for these and your other rich contributions!
      Best regards,