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    • In Nigeria specifically during the lockdown, the authority provides the chance for the transportation and supply of agricultural products and inputs such as fertilizer, seed, and other agro-allied products such as organic manure, ash, and other materials. The major impact of Covid-19 lockdown on food supply and value chain are more on the processing of local and small agricultural product, for instance, the processing and supply of some wild agricultural product (leafy materials) such as yadiya, Moringa, and Tafasa from nearby villages into the city become very difficult for them to supply due to inadequate transport facility, inadequate customers due to lockdown and the supplier effort to adhere to government policy on lockdown. This consequently affects their economic well being. The villagers normally sell the products and buy some farm facilities back to their home and also buy some feeds to some of their domesticated animals which they rely upon as a source of organic manure. Conclusively Covid-19 lockdown significantly affect the transportation and supply of some farm product which directly affect their economy.


      Dr. Mansur Abdul Mohammed

      Geography Dept, BUK

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