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      Reducing plastic consumption is crucial for a sustainable future. Here are some proposals to help reduce plastic use. 


      1. Investment on research about substitution of plastic: This proposal aims to explore the application of bio-plastic as a substitute for traditional plastic in agricultural activities. By investing in research and development, we can identify sustainable alternatives that minimize the environmental impact of plastic use.
      2. Reward system for appropriate use of plastic in agricultural activities: This proposal suggests implementing a reward system to incentivize agricultural producers who adopt responsible plastic usage practices. By rewarding environmentally conscious behavior, we can encourage the adoption of sustainable practices throughout the industry.
      3. Calculating the environmental cost of agricultural activities in addition to economic costs: This proposal emphasizes the importance of considering the environmental impact of agricultural activities alongside economic factors. By calculating and accounting for the environmental costs, we can make more informed decisions that prioritize sustainability.
      4. Increasing awareness among agricultural producers about the problems associated with plastic products: This proposal focuses on raising awareness among agricultural producers about the negative consequences of plastic usage. By educating and informing stakeholders, we can foster a collective understanding of the challenges and encourage proactive measures to address them.


      Calculating the environmental cost of using plastic in agricultural activities for greenhouses can provide valuable insights into the true cost of this practice. By considering the environmental impact alongside economic costs, a more comprehensive analysis can be conducted. This analysis can help inform decision-making processes and promote sustainable practices that minimize the negative consequences associated with plastic usage.

      It is crucial to move beyond a simple cost-benefit analysis that solely focuses on economic factors and ignores the environment. By incorporating environmental considerations into decision-making processes, we can work towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach.