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Small-Scale Fisheries Core Team

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The Small-Scale Fisheries Core Team at FAO Headquarters is supported by a global network of FAO staff and external experts. A core responsibility of the team is to implement the Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries in the Context of Food Security and Poverty Eradication (SSF Guidelines) under the FAO SSF Umbrella Programme which focuses on raising awareness; strengthening the science-policy interface; empowering stakeholder and supporting implementation. The following members of the Team will be assisting with moderation of the e-consultation: Katy Dalton, Amber Himes-Cornell, Nicole Franz and Joe Zelasney.

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    • Dear online consultation contributors, 

      The online consultation is now concluded. We thank all contributors for taking the time to share your perspective, thoughts, and valuable insights. Your inputs are extremely useful to us as we conceptualize and design guidance for monitoring the implementation of the SSF Guidelines. We hope you have enjoyed reading the contributions, making connections, and learning from others about small-scale fisheries around the world. A full summary of the contributions will be available shortly via this webpage. Please feel free to contact us again directly at [email protected], and be sure to watch the SSF Guidelines website and Twitter (@FAOfish) for updates on this work. 

      With gratitude and best wishes, 

      Katy Dalton for The FAO SSF Guidelines Secretariat 

      Chers contributeurs à la consultation électronique,

      La consultation électronique est maintenant terminée. Nous remercions tous les contributeurs d'avoir pris le temps de partager votre point de vue, vos réflexions et vos précieuses idées. Vos contributions nous sont extrêmement utiles car nous conceptualisons et concevons des orientations pour le suivi de la mise en œuvre des directives SSF. Nous espérons que vous avez apprécié lire les contributions, établir des liens et apprendre des autres sur la pêche artisanale dans le monde. Un résumé complet des contributions sera disponible sous peu sur cette page Web. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter à nouveau directement à [email protected], et assurez-vous de regarder le site Web des directives SSF et Twitter (@FAOfish) pour les mises à jour sur ce travail.

      Avec gratitude et meilleurs vœux,

      Katy Dalton pour le Secrétariat des directives FSS de la FAO

      Estimados colaboradores de la consulta electronica,

      La consulta electrónica ya ha concluido. Agradecemos a todos los contribuyentes el haber dedicado su tiempo a compartir sus perspectivas, opiniones y sus valiosos conocimientos. Sus aportaciones son extremadamente útiles para nosotros a la hora de conceptualizar y diseñar guías para vigilar la implementación de las Directrices PPE. Esperamos que hayan disfrutado leyendo las contribuciones, estableciendo relaciones y aprendiendo de otros sobre la pesca en pequeña escala en todo el mundo. En breve estará disponible un resumen completo de las contribuciones a través de esta página web. No duden en contactarnos directamente en [email protected], y asegúrense de visitar el sitio web de las Directrices PPE y Twitter (@FAOfish) para obtener actualizaciones sobre esta iniciativa.

      Con gratitud y mis mejores deseos,

      Katy Dalton,  Secretaría de la FAO para las Directrices PPE

    • Dear Forum participants,

      Thank you to all who have contributed to this discussion so far, it is exciting to see how the depth and breadth of comments continues to expand as we receive more contributions. Certain topics have emerged as common threads across the contributions thus far.

      Many participants have stressed the importance of the participatory approach, and how vital diverse SSF stakeholder engagement is. However, while this approach is highly valued, many have also pointed out how challenging it can be to execute in practice. Another frequently mentioned challenge is that of access to reliable data on SSF. For these reasons, many contributions have suggested that monitoring be carried out at the local level, but be connected or nested within a national or regional effort.

      Additionally, there does not seem to be consensus on which components of the SSF Guidelines are the most important to measure, reflecting that the determination of priorities is highly context dependent.  Within different contexts, some have pointed out the importance of aligning monitoring efforts with other existing frameworks, laws and policies. While the advice about developing indicators has been varied, participants tend to agree that indicators should be simple, have both quantitative and qualitative elements, and be measured at different scales and over different time periods.

      These topics are just a small sample of the varied feedback we have received. The more contributions, the more rich and valuable the discussion becomes. During the last few days of the forum, we welcome additional comments that will continue to foster an informative and thought-provoking dialogue. Many thanks to all consultation participants for your time and effort. We greatly appreciate your input.

      Best regards,

      Katy Dalton, for the FAO SSF Guidelines Secretariat

    • Dear colleagues and forum participants,

      I am pleased to welcome you to this e-consultation on how to monitor the implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-scale Fisheries in the Context of Food Security and Poverty Eradication (SSF Guidelines). We have come a long way since the SSF Guidelines were endorsed by COFI in 2014, but effective implementation requires knowledge of progress in order to make well-informed decisions. For this reason, the FAO SSF Guidelines Secretariat is focusing efforts on developing guidance for monitoring and evaluation of the SSF Guidelines, and your inputs will be vital in steering this process and determining the best path forward. Thank you for your dedication to securing sustainable small-scale fisheries and your embrace of the participatory process! We look forward to an engaging and productive discussion.


      Katy Dalton –

      for the FAO SSF Guidelines Secretariat