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Culinary book of traditional recipes: enhancing traditional culinary knowledge in Kyrgyzstan through food diversity for improved nutrition

From this book, you can draw inspiration, recommendations and ideas from the participants of the FAO pilot “Productive Social Contract/Cash plus”, how to make the family’s diet healthier, and famous dishes even more delicious and diversified. You will also learn how to make meal healthier and richer in nutrients, with the help of foods that are available in Kyrgyzstan, but not always widely consumed, such as chickpeas, lentils, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, pumpkin and spinach.

The creators of this cookbook also tried do not miss any opportunity to improve nutrition of meals, this is why the recipes include such products as carrots and beets rich in iron and vitamin C, which we need, and also took into account the recommendations of international organizations on the use of salt, sugar, trans fats, fruits and vegetables.

In addition to delicious and healthy recipes for various salads, soups and main dishes that will not leave indifferent any family member and will certainly make your diet healthier, this book will introduce you to the beneficiaries of the pilot as well as about their successes in improving nutritional knowledge and skills during this initiative.

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