FAO launches Smallholder Support Programme to improve business-oriented agricultural skills for youth and women


“Today, the needs of the agriculture sector go way beyond the provision of inputs and grants,” said Alfredo Impiglia, FAO Chief Technical Advisor of the SSP. Recognizing the significant challenges in accessing decent employment, FAO’s SSP centres on developing agricultural knowledge and skills in farming communities.

“Inputs and grants are rapid solutions to support crisis-affected farmers; however, farmers need more if they are to sustain their livelihoods and modernise their agricultural production practices. More than anything, FAO is looking to encourage and develop the attitudes of farming communities to produce competitive products to meet market demands,” Alfredo added.

Around 3 000 smallholder farmers in Aleppo, Deir-Ez-Zor, Al Hassakeh and Homs governorates will take part in trainings starting this month, through the support of certified trainers. The first outcome of the entrepreneurship training is a two-module curriculum, designed according to international standards in the field of small and medium enterprises and business development. It aims at widening the competence of future trainers on the needs, challenges and solutions.

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