Lilly’s story: empower women for a climate resilient future

In South Sudan, the livelihoods of Lilly and other smallholder farmers are hit hard by climate change. Lilly’s crops were destroyed by the prolonged dry season. As the sole breadwinner of a large family, she struggled to provide for the family including supporting her children going to school with less income. But with support of FAO through funding from the Africa Development Bank, in excavating a pond to store water, providing a solar-powered water pump for irrigation, trainings and seeds, the 38-year-old farmer and other female farmers are able to plant and sell their vegetables. They manage to save their money together and access small loans from the Village Saving Loan Association (VSLA). Implemented by FAO on behalf of the African Development Bank and the Government of South Sudan, the support is part of an initiative to boost the resilience and adaptive capacity of communities in the face of climate change.