General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean - GFCM

Technical measures

Improvements in fishing technology have the potential to address many of the most serious threats to both the profitability and sustainability of fisheries, as well as the conservation of the marine environment and ecosystems.

The GFCM Working Group on Fishing Technology (WGFiT) promotes the study and dissemination of advances in the field, providing advice on actionable measures to be taken. The adoption of more selective fishing gears is an important step towards minimizing unwanted bycatch, including of juvenile fish and vulnerable species. In addition, advances in fishing gear technology can be employed to address other important issues, ranging from marine litter to improved data collection and the reduction of illegal, unreported and unregulated activities.  


  • Compilation of knowledge and information on fishing technology issues in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, including through the publication and update of a catalogue of fishing gears.
  • Implementation of pilot studies on selectivity of fishing gear and testing of mitigation measures and modified gear to reduce unwanted catches and negative interactions between fisheries and vulnerable species.
  • Analysis of the socio-economic impacts of selectivity and mitigation measures.