Global Soil Partnership

Presentations of the Ninth GSP Plenary Assembly

08-10 September 2021 | 12:00 – 15:00 CEST | Virtual format

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1. Opening of the session, launch of the GSOCseq and Technical Manual and adoption of the Agenda (GSPPA:IX/2021/1)

2. Implementation of the Recommendations of the GSP Evaluation: for decision (GSPPA:IX/2021/2) (Presented by Mr Ronald Vargas)

3. Work of the Intergovernmental Technical Panel of Soils (ITPS): for decision (GSPPA:IX/2021/3) (Presented by Ms Rosa Poch)

4. Report on the financial status of the GSP: for information (GSPPA:IX/2021/4) (Presented by Ms Vanja Maslovarik)

5. Report on normative tools and actions on sustainable soil management: for decision (GSPPA:IX/2021/5) (Presented by Ms Carolina Olivera)

6. Status about Global Symposia: for decision (GSPPA:IX/2021/6) (Presented by Ms Maria Konyushkova)

7. Highlights of the GSP work on soil threats and global assessments: for decision (GSPPA:IX/2021/7) (Presented by Ms Natalia Rodriguez)

8. Report on Regional Soil Partnerships: for decision (GSPPA:IX/2021/8) 

9. Progress of the GSP Technical Networks: for information (GSPPA:IX/2021/9) 

10. World Soil Day (theme for 2022), awareness raising on soils and Prizes: for information (GSPPA:IX/2021/10) (Presented by Ms Isabelle Verbeke)

11. Report on efforts towards sustainable soil management by partners: for information