FAO Governing Bodies

Reports of the Conference

43rd Session1-7 July 2023C 2023/REP
42nd Session14-18 June 2021C 2021/REP
41st Session22-29 June 2019C 2019/REP
40th Session 3-8 July 2017C 2017/REP
39th Session6-13 June 2015C 2015/REP
38th Session15-22 June 2013C 2013/REP
37th Session25 June - 2 July 2011C 2011/REP
36th Session18-23 November 2009C 2009/REP
C 2009/REP-Corr.1 (EN only)
C 2009/REP-Corr.2 (EN only)
C 2009/REP-Corr.3
35th (Special) Session18-21 November 2008C 2008/REP
34th Session17-24 November 2007C 2007/REP
33rd Session19-26 November 2005C 2005/REP
32nd Session29 November - 9 December 2003C 2003/REP
31st Session2 - 13 November 2001C 2001/REP
30th Session12-23 November 1999C 1999/REP
29th Session7-18 November 1997C 1997/REP 
28th Session20-31 October 1995C 1995/REP 
27th Session6-24 November 1993C 1993/REP 
26th Session 9-27 November 1991C 1991/REP 
25th Session11-29 November 1989C 1989/REP 
24th Session7-27 November 1987C 1987/REP 
23rd Session9-28 November 1985C 1985/REP 
22nd Session5-23 November 1983C 1983/REP 
21st Session7-25 November 1981C 1981/REP 
20th Session10-28 November 1979C 1979/REP 
19th Session12 November - 1 December 1977C 1977/REP 
18th Session 8-27 November 1975C 1975/REP
17th Session10-29 November 1973C 1973/REP
16th Session6-25 November 1971C 1971/REP
General Commemorative Conference16 November 1970C 1970/General Commemorative Conference/REP
15th Session8-27 November 1969C 1969/REP
14th Session4-23 November 1967C 1967/REP
13th Session20 November - 9 December 1965C 1965/REP
12th Session16 November - 5 December 1963C 1963/REP
11th Session4-24 November 1961C 1961/REP
10th Session31 October - 20 November 1959C 1959/REP
9th Session2-23 November 1957C 1957/REP
3rd Special Session10-21 September 1956C 1956/Special Session/REP
8th Session4-25 November 1955C 1955/REP
7th Session23 November - 11 December 1953C 1953/REP
6th Session19 November - 6 December 1951C 1951/REP
2nd Special Session3-11 November 1950C 1950/Special Session/REP
5th Session21 November - 6 December 1949C 1949/REP
4th Session15-29 November 1948C 1948/REP
1st Special Session6-14 April 1948C 1948/Special Session/REP
3rd Session25 August - 11 September 1947C 1947/REP
2nd Session2-13 September 1946C 1946/REP
1st Session16 October - 1 November 1945C 1945/REP