Centro de Recursos sobre la Agricultura de Contrato

How to Navigate CFRC?

Welcome to the Contract Farming Resource Centre (CFRC). CFRC is a “one-stop” website for news, training and learning materials, and publications related to contract farming (CF) managed by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). It is freely accessible to the public.

CFRC consist of six sections:

  • Homepage
  • Background
  • News
  • Training and Learning Centre (TCL)
  • Toolkit
  • Library 


On the Homepage, you will find:

       • Brief information about CF, benefits of CF, and CFRC;

       • Links to background section on what is CF, FAO’s work on CF, how to navigate CFRC, and frequently asked questions;

       • Link to the key documents/literature on CF with examples;

       • Links to the News update section and a list of latest news;

       • Links to the Library and a list of new additions to the library;

       • Links to FAO’s units, platforms, and other organizations relevant to CF;

       • Our contact email: [email protected].

The Background section provides

       • What is CF? Definition, the growing interests in CF, importance of CF, and advantages and disadvantages of CF;

       • FAO’s work on CF: our team, our work on knowledge management and technical support to field projects, and our                  approaches;

       • How to navigate CFRC? A snapshot of CFRC and our guide to navigate CFRC;

       • Frequently asked questions (FAQs).

News section provides updates on projects, programmes, publications and other additions and updates on CFRC.

At Training and Learning Centre (TCL), please find: 

       •  A CF course that consists of a course overview and five training/learning modules on CF with links to presentations                (PPTs) and case studies;

       • A list of case studies used in accompany with the CF course;

       • Learning resources contain presentations for the CF course, key literature on CF, references for key CF topics among           others.

Toolkit section provides practical information and tools to assist the design and implementation of CF schemes. You can find sample contracts for CF and other tools for contract analysis, questionaires for producers and buyers to develop contracts and for field visits among others.

Library provides various publications and other resources related to CF. You can find key literature on CF, briefs on different CF issues, a selection of presentations and other publications. Abstracts and links to download the publications are provided. You may search the records in the library via title, author, organization, key words and publication dates.

An Overview of Contract Farming Resources in PPT

This overview provides an introduction to FAO Contract Farming Resources Center and key publications in contract farming for practitioners. This presentation can be used as part of the contract farming training programme.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].