Sustainable Forest Management Impact Program on Dryland Sustainable Landscapes

Participatory M&E Dashboard

Developed by the Global Coordination using Google DataStudio, the M&E framework is available online through a participatory M&E Dashboard, which is developed in joint collaboration between the Global Coordination, its implementing partners, and the M&E experts in the 11 child projects.

The M&E Dashboard allows the Global coordination to harmonize and centralize standard reporting requirements (i.e. GEBs, results framework and finance), and at the same time, creates space for country projects to showcase their own national M&E system. While contributing to the M&E Dashboard, country projects are also trained on setting up their own systems and becoming fully independent from the Global Coordination. Google Datastudio and Google Drive are free, easy to use and have an active community of users, which facilitates learning from peers and participating in discussion forums.

Check the DSL-IP M&E Dashboard here!

The constant interaction among child projects and the Global Coordination, results in strengthened cooperation links, ensures sustained learning.

This online information system is designed to be user friendly, and to make it easier for stakeholders, including government ministries, research institutions, national statistics offices and universities, to access and share information through direct link of different report options.