Sustainable Forest Management Impact Program on Dryland Sustainable Landscapes

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Regional Exchange Mechanisms

Regional Exchange Mechanisms (REMs) have been established to enhance the regional impact of the DSL IP country projects, ensuring coherence in regional coordination, knowledge exchange and support for synergies among countries involved. DSL-IP country country projects are clustered under three Regional Exchange Mechanisms (REMs) – corresponding to the three eco-regions targeted by the program. REMs leverage on existing knowledge hubs, and play a central role in bridging the local and national to the regional and international spheres of the program. They contribute to increase the magnitude, durability and scope of impacts of GEF-7 investments in sustainable drylands management in DSL-IP countries and non-DSL-IP countries in the targeted ecoregions.

Regional Exchange Mechanism Map displaying the three Regional Exchange Mechanisms of the DSL-IP.

Country Projects

Miombo and Mopane Woodlands
Savannas of East and West Africa
Great Steppes of Central Asia