Food for the cities programme

Drawing up a tailored indicator framework

The project team draws up a customized indicator framework in relation to the chosen priority areas, before they can develop a methodology for primary data collection. 

The indicator framework consists of outcomes, issues to be measured, and possible indicators. The indicators are an important component in the CRFS process as they inform subsequent activities. 


The following resources will help with drawing up a tailored indicator framework: 

Tool: CRFS Resilience Indicator Framework  

The CRFS Resilience Indicator Framework is a practical assessment and planning tool to help explore the specific needs of different parts of the food system in relation to building resilience capacities to climate and pandemic-related shocks and stresses. 

Guidance: Relationship between the CRFS Sustainability and CRFS Resilience indicator frameworks  

An explanation of the common monitoring framework design approach between the CRFS Sustainability indicator framework and the CRFS Resilience indicator framework, followed by description of each.


Training unit 7: Working with indicators

This training unit explains the central role of indicator frameworks in the CRFS process, and gives guidance on how to develop initial indicator frameworks that are tailored to local context and priorities.