Food for the cities programme

Developing data collection instruments

This activity builds on the research method with the development of data collection instruments to extract information needed from each data source, to enable the project team to answer the assigned questions. Instruments are likely to include interview guides, focus group guides, and surveys; the precise construction of the instruments will vary from project to project. 


The following tools will help with developing data collection instruments: 

Example: In-depth interview guide 

This is an example of a guide to lead in-depth interviews with key informants from the CRFS.  

Example: Focus group guide  

The guide for focus group discussions was used by the CRFS project team in Antananarivo to understand the functioning of the CRFS and to identify vulnerabilities and risks in the food system. 

Example: Kobo Toolbox survey 

This enables the project team to tabulate data from the Rapid scan of climate and pandemic risks on impacts of a hazard for ease of reference. 

Guidance: Mapping of territorial markets

This publication presents a structured methodology and a series of guidelines for mapping territorial markets, which are key retail outlets for fruits and vegetables, but also for animal source foods and staple foods, to ensure availability, physical accessibility and affordability of healthy and nutritious food.