Status of the World's Soil Resources

The Monitoring and Analysing Food and Agricultural Policies (MAFAP) programme seeks to establish country owned and sustainable systems to monitor, analyse, and reform food and agricultural policies to enable more effective, efficient and inclusive policy frameworks in a growing number of developing and emerging economies.

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Where we work

What we do

Policy reform options
MAFAP supports decision makers in partner countries to articulate costs and benefits of alternative policy options to promote suitable reforms.

Policy dialogue and engagement
MAFAP is actively engaging with policy makers to ensure the analytical results and recommendations feed into national policy processes. 

Agricultural public expenditure analysis
While building monitoring and analytical capacity in partner countries, MAFAP measures the level and composition of public expenditures in support of food and agriculture.

Price incentives analysis
MAFAP measures how different policies and markets affect the prices farmers receive for their products and the prices consumers pay. 

Policy coherence
MAFAP tracks public expenditure related to agriculture and measures the impact of policies on the prices of key agricultural commodities. 

Policy performance
MAFAP uses a set of indicators that help understand how different policies work in various contexts and how they affect agricultural value chain dynamics and production incentives in different countries.