Mesoamérica sin Hambre AMEXCID-FAO

Systematization of the Sustainable School Feeding Model and proposition of recommendations as way forward to the Government of Belize


This document is aimed at presenting the systematization of the sustainable schools model pilot implementation in Belize, within the framework of Mesoamerica Hunger Free AMEXCID-FAO programme, and it describes the implementation process of the pilot project, from its beginning in early 2016 to November 2018. The document includes a critical analysis of the implementation of the six components of the sustainable schools model, focusing on its process, challenges, results, as well as on the lessons learned and best practices identified. It also includes recommendations for scaling-up the sustainable schools model and for the improvement and strengthening of the national school feeding program in the country. It is expected that this publication will contribute to the strengthening of the coordination among the sectors involved in school feeding and the institutionalization and sustainability of the school feeding policies in Belize.